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Best File Managers For Android Devices

Android file managers are usually similar, but there a few differences and extra features that can separate a standard file Explorer from an excellent one. Here are the top 5 best file managers for exploring  files on your Android device.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer uses two display panels which allows easy navigation between two separate folders as well as dragging
and dropping files from one of its panel to the other. This is really easy to use as the app has  a neat interface.

Solid Explorer is also integrated with cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, with
support for Chromecast.

File Commander
This is a commonly used Android file manger, it also happens to one of the best. Its standard interface features folders for your pictures, videos, music,
downloads and documents. One notable function is that with a single tap on a folder for example documents, you can see the exact destination of all your documents.

File Manager HD
File Manager HD is an application…

How To Enable Swipe For Notifications On Google Pixel

Google surprisingly left some of the Pixel’s most amazing features disabled by default. One of its most interesting
software features is the gesture that
puts the fingerprint scanner after you have unlocked your android phone .

This gesture is called ‘Swipe for notifications’ and it works just as it's name . When the screen is on, all you have to do is to just swipe down the finger scanner and you will see your notifications and then swipe down again to open the Quick Settings panel

How To Enable This Feature

To enable the ‘Swipe for Notifications’ feature
Go to the Moves section on the main settings menu and then activate the switch next to the ‘Swipe for notifications’. I

You can also take a look at other ‘Moves’ as well. These features can also be turned off if you find them annoying.

1.  ‘Jump to Camera’ option , double clicking on the power button opens the camera application any time even
when your screen is off.

2.   ‘Flip camera’ option enables you to switch from rear camer…

Xiaomi Unveils The Mi Mix - A Groundbreaking Smartphone

Xiaomi  unveiled the Mi Note 2  today and  also revealed what is going to be Xiaomi's most ground-breaking smartphone yet- the MIX.

I assumed that it was the Mi Note 2 itself
that will come sporting a bezel-less display , but it's the futuristic MIX that sports a 6.4-inch bezel less display
with a 91.3 per cent screen to body ratio.

That is quite more than what any phone offers currently as most smartphones comes with a thick upper and lower bezel
for housing the microphone, the proximity sensor and the ambient light sensor.

So the question remains

How does the MIX allow for calls? The MIX doesn't come with a conventional microphone for speaking on call. Instead, Xiaomi has developed its own in-house
technology which uses conduction technology to conduct sound from the top section of the phone. The
MIX makes up for the lack of a proximity sensor with an ultra-sonic technology that automatically turns off the screen when you place the phone on your ear during a call.

The sm…

Apple Releases iOS 10.1 Update

Good News for Apple Fanboys.

Apple just launched its portrait photo mode for the iPhone 7 Plus a few days ago with the release of iOS 10.1. The update,  includes some smaller features and bug fixes for other iOS 10 devices, it's headlined by the addition of a photography mode that uses the 7 Plus' dual cameras to take portraits with blurred-out backgrounds, making them look a bit more like they were taken on a high-end camera.

The feature is technically still in beta — and, for what it's worth, early examples of the portrait mode's results seem pretty hit and miss. The software seems to do a better job at blurring some backgrounds than others, sometimes creating an obviously-fake result with rough edges.

The update also solves some smartwatch problems. It fixes a syncing bug that kept iTunes tracks from being stored on the Apple Watch. Apple also says the update "improves Bluetooth connectivity with third-party accessories," which may be an indication that iO…

Google is working on an eye-tracking VR Headset

The Big G(Google) is continuing work on a standalone headset that blends virtual and augmented reality. There are speculations that  the device  functions differently from the Daydream VR headset that will soon be shipped to consumers. It works completely standalone without any smartphone attached.

Additionally, the  product integrates eye tracking technologies and algorithms "to map out the real-world space in front of a user." The result is an experience that's less closed off than current VR headsets and "blurs the line between virtual and augmented reality." From the sounds of it, this merged reality concept seems to resemble that of Microsoft's HoloLens, though I know very little about Google's plans for this product and what features it will offer. The report reveals that some components powering Google's futuristic device are being provided by Movidius, the computer vision company that Intel is purchasing.

Daydream, built into Android 7 Nouga…

This iPhone Pack Shades The Galaxy Note 7

As if having to return the latest and most advanced smartphone from their favorite smartphone manufacturer didn't already
hurt , now Apple fanboys can really annoy  their Samsung- loyal friends with these smartphone skins that make it
look like an iPhone's battery has had a severe meltdown as well...

The iPhone isn't free from its own share of battery issues, over the
years there have been many reports of Apple devices having battery issues too.

But the battery issue hit Samsung very hard , opening the door for iPhone-loving Fanboys to add insult to injury
with this set of skins available for every model back to the iPhone 5.

However, once you've skinned your phone to look like a blown up Galaxy Note 7, If you're based in the United States, don't even think about trying to get on a plane. I doubt airport security will find the joke as amusing as you do.
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Why Google's Pixel Isn't WaterProof

Top smartphone brands are making their flagship devices fully water-resistant. Surprisingly, Google  disappointed us with its Pixel and Pixel XL which are obviously not waterproof because
Google did not have ample time to integrate it. According to
Pierce, a Reddit user, when he asked Google why these latest smartphones aren’t waterproof, the response was ‘We ran out of time.’

According to  Pierce, The development cycle of the Pixel and Pixel
XL was short. It was approximately ‘nine months from design to launch. Google abandoned its original plans for the flagships back at the end of 2015.

I must say it's quite interesting that Google did not pursue
waterproofing – like found on the latest flagships such as
Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 – the development of multi-million consumer products comes with tight deadlines
which have to be met.

Whether Google should be commended for its achievements
with the Pixels or criticized for failing to them waterproof, you can decide for yourself…

How To Encrypt And Hide Files On Android

Most of us have been Android users for a long time ,so even the most extraordinary features have never been a surprise.

Despite all the stigma that surrounds
Android security, there is a  cool way to encrypt and hide files on  your Android phone .

Even if it's a few pictures that you want to keep away from  prying eyes or some classified documents that cannot get
out, all you need is Andrognito. With this app installed, you can easily encrypt and hide files on Android easily

Step 1: DownloadAndrognitoon your device

Developed by CODEX, Andrognito is one of a kind app that maximizes technology of file encryption and brings it to your
mobile phone . All you need is the free app from the Google Play Store, so search for it or download it using the link below.
Step 2: Set up the app

The very first time you open Andrognito, you have to create a
PIN, which will be required the next time to you launch the application . Also , you will also need to set up a security answer
and a security vau…

How To Know A Smartphone With A Good Camera

There's been a tense competition between smartphone manufacturers in the  megapixel spec race to prove that their camera is better than their rivals. We have reached  a point where even the cheap and lower-end camera smartphones are packing more pixels than they should. This has made it hard to differentiate  between the camera hardware.

The unfortunate reality is that of most of us believe that a smartphone whose camera has more megapixel takes better pictures than those with few
megapixel. However this isn't always the case. This is because you can’t be able to note any difference in resolutiontaken by two different phone cameras, since most screens you will be viewing them on are not capable of displaying the
range of megapixels it supports.

Let's  say that anything bigger than 8 megapixels tends to
be only helpful for cropping. What I'm saying is that a smartphone taking images of 12 megapixels  can be cropped by approximately 50 percent and its resolution will sti…

Leaked -See Exclusive Photos Of The Upcoming Infinix Zero 4 (X574)

It's Q4,  the fourth and final quarter of the year and it seems Infinix has got something new for it's fans to expect. Initially there was a rumor about Infinix releasing the Zero 4,  instead we got the Hot 4.

I'd say I was quite disappointed with the turnout. However it's no longer a  rumor.

Infinix is "definitely"  going to be releasing the Zero 4 soon. As usual I've got exclusive photos. There's a little twist in the tale though, it seems we'll also be expecting a Zero 4 Plus. 

The Zero 4 will be powered by MediaTek Helio X20 64-bit Processor cloaked at a Speed of 2.3 GHz Cortex-A72 and is
believed to be supported with 3gb of ram as well as 64gb of internal storage.

The Infinix Zero 4 Plus on the other hand may come with Mali 780 processor beating its lite with over 4000mAh battery, similarly the plus version of the
device is said to sport an impressive 20.7 MP rear camera and 8MP front facing camera while its Lite features a 16MP rare camera an…

See What Happens When Your iPhone 7 Home Stops Working

If your iPhone 7 Home Button stops functioning  , Apple has a neat way of keeping the phone operational: an on-screen home button .

A MacRumors forum member iwayne had some issues with his iPhone last week. When he turned it back on, he was greeted with this message

The home sensor on his iPhone 7 had stopped  working properly , so iOS 10 displayed a message instructing him to take it in to get serviced. But the cool part is that Apple automatically put a virtual home button on his screen so that he could use the phone in the meantime .

The virtual home button itself isn't really new, it's part of Assistive Touch, one of Apple's accessibility features. Still, having it enabled automatically when the home sensor fails-remember, the iPhone 7 no longer has a real button, just a sensor that looks like a button-is a new trick.

It's  rumored that Apple will be killing the home button with next year's iPhone. Apple fanboys would s be sad if the home button goes away. (Mov…

Check Out Nintendo's Next Game Console - Nintendo Switch

I  won't say the Nintendo Wii wasn't such a huge disaster.

According to information I got from, Nintendo Switch, previously codenamed NX and announced a few days ago , is on track to release in March 2017. When it's out, your home and portable play will be combined into
one unit: Switch is a tablet with detachable controllers
that can dock with your TV, playing its games anywhere.

The hanafuda maker is still playing its hand close to its chest, however, only unveiling a short, three-minute
concept video of the Switch, plus a little bit of information in follow-up press releases. Nintendo promises to unveil more information later, including lists of games, system specs, and the all-important price.

For now, here’s everything we know about Nintendo Switch.
It combines home and portable into a single unit.

You can play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on your big-screen TV at home, but why stop there? Pull the
Switch out of the docking station next to your …

Check Out ZTE's Upcoming Crowd Sourced Smartphone


The proposed Design for ZTE's next smartphone is really really amazing.

The Chinese OEM announced its plans to crowdsource , collect user ideas, and let people vote on the designs , ZTE also announced that the user-submitted "Eye Tracking, Self-Adhesive Phone" concept has won the Project CSX contest with over 36 percent of the votes. So expect an Adhesive ZTE smartphone.

The winning design (which is described in full on ZTE’s forum) features a pair of cameras on the top and bottom bezels of the front of the phone for eye-tracking support, a split-screen function that displays different images at different angles for enhanced security. It also includes a self-adhesive backing for the rear of the phone to stick it to things and provide extra stability for the eye-tracking system. The designers hope for the eye-tracking system to allow automatic scrolling of web pages or books while you read them or to skip through a video while you watch.

ZTE is beginning product dev…

Qualcomm Introduces World's First 5G Chip

Qualcomm just introduced Gigabit LTE, a wireless technology that can support theoretical speeds up to 1Gbps,and  it's closer than you might think. Today, Qualcomm, along with Netgear, Ericsson, and an  Australian carrier Telstra, is announcing the first product to support gigabit LTE, a mobile hotspot. The hotspot makes use of a variety of technologies to hit those high speeds, including carrier aggregation. It currently runs on Telstra’s existing LTE networks and will be available to before the end of the year.

In addition, Qualcomm is announcing that its next-generation 800 series smartphone processor platform will include the X16 modem that supports gigabit LTE speeds. Qualcomm says that smartphones with the new chip — which doesn’t yet have an official name, but will succeed the recently-launched Snapdragon 821 — will be available in the first half of next year. The X16 modem represents a significant boost in speed over the 600Mpbs maximum speeds that the current X12 supports.…

Candy Crush Is Getting It's Own Game Show

Candy Crush, the popular mobile game  that's played by almost every girl in my school, is getting its own game show .  announced on Tuesday  that it is teaming up with King James  and Lionsgate to produce the Game series. Details on game mechanics are still sparse but the network did explain that 2-person teams will "use their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, interactive game boards." The series will be produced by Matt Kunnitz, the guy behind Fear Factor and Wipeout, however there's no word yet on who will host or when the series will premier.
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Apple Removes AntiTheft Cables In Some IPhone Stores

Apple is testing out a new way to display iPhones in shops based in in the UK and Canada-completely naked. On Saturday, Apple will reopen its fancy flagship store in London after a year-long renovation, showing off the brand new iPhone 7 without any security tethers, which presumably makes it extremely easy for any  shopper to pocket one


You'll probably be wondering why Apple would put itself at risk like this? Well, the company wants it to make it easier for you to test out its phones-No security tethers allows you to see how it feels in your pocket and try out the phone in funky cases. Although the new London store has no visible security, there are cameras watching your every move. Still, the company isn't too concerned with you stealing one of those precious baby iPhones because it will be unusable as soon as Apple realizes and puts the phone in "Lost Mode" remotely, which bricks it.

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LeEco's Super Bike Will Either Save Your Life Or Kill You

The bike has an embedded Android device in it — running what LeEco calls "Bike OS." It's basically a phone since it can connect to cellular networks, but there's a custom interface on it. It will handle your usual GPS duties, and also powers the bike's various features. Those include security that locks the rear wheel and also lets you track it if it gets stolen. It also has a security alarm and, we're told, a fingerprint sensor.

You can control the major features with three buttons on the center of the bike — power, camera, and lights. The Android phone is mounted just behind the handlebars. Under your thumbs are buttons for turn signals and other things functions like calling somebody or turning up the music.

It's all a lot to play with while you're weaving in and out of city traffic. So, uh, don't do that — distracted biking isn't much better than distracted driving when it comes to threatening your own life. In China, it costs around $800.

How To Use Multi-window on a single app on Android Nougat

Multi-window feature was introduced to the Android universe years ago but
wasn’t made mainstream by Google until Android 7.0 Nougat.

While I have already shown you how to activate the hidden
multi-window mode in Marshmallow, there is also a way to use multi-window on a single app in Android Nougat.

While the multi-window mode is almost perfect, it does not allow you to open the same app twice. However, there is an
app called Parallel Windows for Nougat that fixes this caveat,
giving you to power to use multi-window on single app in Android Nougat.

Step 1: Download Parallel Windows for Nougat

Available on the Google Play Store for free, simply search for
Parallel Windows for Nougat or download it using the link below..

Note: Parallel Windows for Nougat app is currently in its
Alpha version, so it may not work at all times. Depending on
your Android Nougat device, you can try using a combination
of apps to try out multi-window mode using a single app.
Step 2: Enable and configure the app

How to Update Apps Without Google Playstore

Some  Android applications aren’t hosted on the Play Store.

This means you’ve to sideload them for you to enjoy their
incredible functionality. However, without the Google Play Store, these apps are never automatically updated. So the
only option you are left with is surfing through the internet for the
latest version when you need a bugfix.

Fortunately, the issue of having to download a version now
and then is finally over. Developer rumboalla has created an
application that will scour the internet for you. This app will
then give you a notification every time your sideloaded
applications has an update. The app download updates from
APKPure, APKMirror or even Google Play Store.

The app makes it possible for you to easily for you to update all of
the unofficial applications easily in a few steps.

Install Apk updater from the link at the end of the post

First, download APKUpdater app , hit the Download complete
notification and then click ‘Install’ when prompted.

Adjust Options

You als…

Music Meets Technology : *Speazie: The Spanking New App blending Music and Technology

Some sort of music making revolution is brewing, and no app seems to be at
the center of the movement. Not too long ago it would have been impossible
to make quality music with other artists remotely, but that code appears to
have been cracked.

The revolution has just begun. It’s called Speazie and it’s as easy as it
sounds. A start-up technology that would revolutionize the music industry.

It is set the break into Nigeria; the largest African music market.
Speazie is a mobile music recording App and collaboration platform that
fits right in your pocket. Whether you're a vocalist, a producer, or a mix
of both, Speazie allows users to create new songs through collaboration and
helps artists take your tracks to the next level. Seven out of the ten richest musicians in Africa are Nigerian.

Nigerian music is the fastest growing sector of entertainment, social and cultural industry, it is teeming with talent waiting to be discovered and money
waiting to be made. Speazie will connect th…